Monday, October 6, 2008

The Laramie Project, QBoyz at Boyd Vance Theatre, Oct. 9 - 18

Found on-line, October 6:

"Outcast" radio program on KOOP dealing with LGBT issues, profiles this production, October 12

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  1. What an amazing tribute and opportunity to raise awareness about the realities of HATE crimes. Joe Solis is a visionary with a tremendous eye for talent and the ability to create a space for this cast to thrive. Each actor brought truth, depth and beauty to the stage. Their performance was hypnotic and moving –sprinkled with humor at times – a demonstration of resiliency and strength. These talented people all donated their time and passion for a good cause – what an amazing experience! They are accepting donations but you pay if you can, what you can…its worth going to again and again!