Thursday, January 29, 2009

Reviews: FronterFest Long Fringe

Austin Chronicle writers give one-paragraph blurbs on 11 of the 18 shows offered at the FronteraFest Long Fringe, including:

Kill Will, comment by Elizabeth Cobbe
My Bugatti Story, comment by Clayton Maxwell
Dance Carousel, comment by Jonelle Seitz
The Dick Monologues, comment by R.F. (Robert Faires)
Let's Get Real, comment by J.S. (Jonelle Seitz?)
The Drowned World, comment by Avimaan Syam
Drywall, comment by B.P. (Barry Pineo?)
Cochise, comment by A.S. (Avimaan Syam?)
Our Angle in Heaven, comment by E.C. (Elizabeth Cobbe?)
The Science of Suggestion, comment by R.F. (Robert Faires)

Austin Chronicle's portmanteau review of January 30

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