Thursday, December 17, 2009

Upcoming: The Christ Foretold, Pursuit Church, December 18

Found on-line.

The website for this December 18 presentation (8 p.m.) at Pursuit Church, 12636 Research Blvd, features as background music The Transiberian Orchestra's Christmas in Sarajevo, along with a gallery of images and a link to the video promo of their 2007 production (see below).

Synopsis from the website:

The Christ Foretold. . . .
The beginning and the end. . . .
Since the fall of mankind a prophesy has been foretold!
A prophesy of a Messiah, a hope of a Savior, a promise of the Christ!

"The Christ Foretold" is exactly how it sounds. It is the truth of what has happened, and what will happen! This production shows you the coming of the CHrist while foreshadowing his path, his sacrifice, and his triumph!

With extraordinary music, a dramatic cast, live animals, and an extravagant multimedia display, "The Christ Foretold" is a powerful production that is a must see!

It is unlike any Christmas production you have ever attended, so expect to be blown away!

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