Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Upcoming: Hamlet, Austin Drama Club, December 10 -

Received directly:

Austin Drama Club presents

by William Shakespeare

This theatre is a submarine. We scurry through narrow hallways dimly lit, wires and power plugs jotting out like booby traps. You are at war.

We patrol the waters along the coast of enemy waters for you. There is a high attrition rate among us. Some shows and casts are torpedoed and sent to the bottom never to rise again. Others like wounded battleships in shallow waters soon will sail at full strength. Imagine the actors and theatre artists, playwright and light board operator, house manager and producer blown up and floating by in the cold waters of 21st century drama. Then you know you are on the front lines of the theatre scene. "They need theatre in the world, Craig!"

So you want to see Hamlet? Its armed and ready as only repertory style direction can make it. The original crew from 3 years ago and 5 times since; Japhy Fernandes as Claudius, Ellen Fernandes as Gertrude, Julio Mella as Polonius, Casey Allen as Leartes, Christopher Harris as Horatio. Joined by local theatre vets; Kat Eason as Ophelia and Rob Novak as Hamlet.

Seven actors in our 13th production of the year. Why? Because they'll be plenty of time to sleep when you're dead.

You can expect to see heavy rip offs from Clockwork Orange in this production. Children should never know of such a thing. For weapons we offer canes, bats, chains, whips, hand guns, and a ghost who blows smoke out to a queen who blows it from under her..... Sound track mixes classical, trance, Nico and some bagpipies for good measure. Colors are green and pink on black and white and ball gowns are preferable.

When you come, if you've never come, come early. It is hard to find but very close by, with plenty of great places to eat just a few blocks away. Seating begins at 7:30 p.m. and the shows start at 8 p.m. BYOB. And when this masterpiece ends around 10 p.m. be a sweetheart and throw something in the donation jar... in the lobby... on way out.

Performance dates are Dec. 10,11,12 17, 18,19, 31, Jan. 1 and 2nd. And dress nice for *'s sake.

Further info, including address on 7th St. E, from Japhy Fernandes --

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