Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Part-time Employment: Hill Country Community Theatre, near Marble Falls, from January, 2013

Hill Country Community Theatre TXNow Hiring!
The Hill Country Community Theatre in Cottonwood Shores near Marble Falls, TX, is looking for a part-time employee to work as a stage technician in support of theatre productions, specifically set construction, stage lighting and facility support. Successful candidate must have basic wood working skills and experience with shop equipment. No theatre experience is required. On-the-job stagecraft training will be provided. Minimum of 20 hours per week starting at $8.00 per hour.

Set Construction - assist set designer and volunteer crews in the cutting and assembly of materials for platforms, scenery(flats and set pieces) and props
Lighting - assist the lighting designer and volunteer crews in the hanging of stage lighting instruments to include cabling and positioning of gels
Sound - assist sound technician and volunteer crews with maintenance and
inventory of microphones, mixers, amplifiers, speakers, headsets, etc.
Other - Marquee - Post and remove letters on exterior marquee as needed
Theatre Exterior and Interior - operate vacuum cleaner and leaf blower
Prop and Costume Storage Areas - assist in storage and inventory

Supervision and Training: Work under the direction of the Technical Theatre advisor from a prioritized list of tasks submitted by production set/light/sound designers.

Must be able to climb ladders to construct scenery, hang lighting instruments, gel frames and electrical cables.
Driver’s license preferred

Employee will be evaluated periodically with potential salary raises based on performance. Areas will include attendance, timely completion of assigned tasks, ability to function unsupervised and willingness to learn

To request an application and/or schedule an interview, call Jon Harshaw at (817) 313-2885.

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