Saturday, January 4, 2014

Rude Mechs Accepting Spring Semester Student Intern Applications to January 19, 2014

Posted on Facebook by the Rude Mechs, Austin:

Rude Mechs Austin TX

Applications to intern for spring 2014 semester are due by January 19th. Internships will begin January 26th. Click HERE to go to on-line application form.
  • Rude Mechs Internship Application

    If you aren't familiar with our company, please take a few minutes to browse our website - look at our mission, our past productions, our programming.
  • Our goal is to provide you with opportunities to either work or observe work in your area of interest, should your interest align with our schedule and projects this semester. We will not ask you to perform volunteer duties that do not build your desired skill set. (For example, if you are interested in learning arts administration, we will not ask you to perform in our next play for free. However we might ask you to help archive our marketing materials or create a production budget.)
    It is our expectation that you will commit 48 hours (approximately 4 hours per week) to Rude Mechs to complete your internship during the semester. Your internship will span roughly 12 weeks. We will never ask you for more than 10 hours in a given week. We expect you to work virtually or independently as much as possible, and to see you in person no more than twice per month (unless you choose a project that must be executed at the venue, or requires our supervision).

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