Thursday, November 6, 2008

Article/Interview: Stephen Dietz, by Robert Faires, Austin Chronicle of November 6

Robert Faires of the Austin Chronicle has done a lengthy article & interview with playwright Stephen Dietz, now at UT but previously from Seattle. Excerpt:

Such self-importance doesn't stand with Dietz. "A lot of people dine out on the idea that what they're doing is so special and so difficult," he says. "That stuff makes me sick. I try not to tolerate it in my students, and I absolutely will not tolerate it in myself, nor would my friends let me get away with that. I was lucky enough in my formative playwriting years to have [the romantic notion of playwriting] kicked out from under me and instead to embrace working hard at the part you can control – where the short word goes in the sentence, where you come into the scene – and have patience, tolerance, and forbearance with the stuff you don't control."

[Click for the full text on-line]

Two Dietz plays are currently running in Austin: Still Life with Iris at UT [click for ALT review] and The Nina Variations by Gobotrick Theatre Company at the Dougherty Arts Center [click for ALT review].

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