Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Upcoming: Blanton Exhibition - Robert Wilson, Stage Director and Designer, December 4 - March 13

Found at the Daily Texan on-line, December 1:

Robert Wilson (photo published in Daily Texan, courtesy of Robert Wilson)

Perspectives: Robert Wilson in Four Acts

The Blanton Musem of Art
, Dec. 4th – March 13
Tickets free to members, UT ID holders, and children under 12.

Admission $9 for adults, $7 for seniors, $5 for youth ages 13-25.

Stage director shows work in four acts

Robert Wilson’s vast range of expertise to be shown in theater-style exhibition

By Katie Stroh, Daily Texan Staff

The Blanton Museum of Art will host avant-garde artist Robert Wilson’s prints, stage design plans and a documentary video starting Dec. 4.

Renowned stage director Robert Wilson’s work spans countless media; a UT alumnus and Texas native, he has worked as a director, set designer, playwright, choreographer, sculptor and sound and lighting engineer. Starting Dec. 4, the Blanton Museum of Art will open “Perspectives: Robert Wilson in Four Acts,” an exhibit which will demonstrate the breadth of Wilson’s expertise. [ . . .]

The exhibit is divided into four “acts,” reflecting the theatrical nature of Wilson’s work. Two suites of prints (Acts I and II), stage design plans (Act III) and documentary video (Act IV) will showcase Wilson’s revolutionary vision for Euripides’ Greek tragedy “Alcestis” and the Italian opera it inspired.

Robert Wilson’s career is both expansive and influential. Mostly well-known for his collaboration with composer Philip Glass on the acclaimed opera “Einstein on the Beach,” the two artists pushed the boundaries of a rigorously traditional theatrical form. For example, the show is five hours long without intermission, and audience members are encouraged to walk in and out of the theater at will.

Read full text by Katie Stroh at the Daily Texan on-line . . . .

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