Thursday, December 23, 2010

Upcoming: A Night of Horror, two plays by David Skeel, Chaotiic Theatre Company, January 6 - 15

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A Night of Horror, Two Plays By David Skeele

Jan 6th – 15th 2011 at the Austin Playhouse Larry King Theatre.
Directed by Justin LaVergne.

Chaotic Theatre Presents: A NIGHT of HORROR, 2 plays by David Skeele.
This will be no ordinary night as it will be filled with screams of terror and chaos. We will show you things that will shock you, unsettle you, and drive you mad. You shall bare witness to possessions, and murders. You will be on the edge of your seat until it is ripped out from underneath you. Come see A Night of Horror and fill your dreams with nightmares. Muahahahahahahah…
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The Margins

Inspired by an experiment done in the 70’s, a group of powerful psychics get together to create an artificial ghost. It should be a simple, harmless experiment. But someone, or something, has a different agenda.

Dark North

Television psychic Daniel Dark North has made a lucrative career out of communing with the dead. But one day, in the bowels of a crumbling Connecticut mansion, he discovers that sometimes the dead and gone really ought to stay that way…

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