Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Upcoming: The B. Beaver Animation, Rude Mechs' recreation of the Mabou Mines 1990 piece, October 27 - November

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Rude Mechs Austin Texas

mount a faithful reanimation of

B. Beaver Animation Mabou Mines

The B. Beaver Animation

(1974 and 1990 by the Mabou Mines of New York City)

and give Austin an extraordinary opportunity to relive history.

co-directed by Madge Darlington and Shawn Sides

October 27, 28, 29, 30; November 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13 at 8 p.m.

The Off Center, 2211-A Hidalgo, behind Joe's Bakery on E. 7th Street (click for map)

Tickets on sale October 5, 2011 at - Sliding scale: Free-$25.

After wowing Austin two years ago with a remounting of the Performance Group's Dionysus in ‘69, the ever-daring Rudes reach back in time for another contemporary classic: Mabou Mines' The B. Beaver Animation.

B. is a devastated and stuttering beaver – a beaver who’s forgotten how to construct his dam! Debilitated by the prospect of his family being washed away because of his spontaneous deficiencies, he awaits mail order dam-building manuals and sorts through the damning messages damming his mind!

This seminal work confounded and provoked its 1974 audiences by introducing to the stage a radical style of story telling, an eclectic patchwork of words and action some called a “Performance Poem”. Writer/director Lee Breuer combined such diverse influences as Brecht, Grotowski, Bunraku puppet theater, rock and roll, and the collective input of the Mabou Mines ensemble, to create a deeply personal performance about his struggle with writer’s block. Part monologue, part manifesto, part slapdash circus, B. Beaver muddles the real and the symbolic, relating common themes in uncommon ways.

Adriene Mishler as JoAnne Akalaitis
Elizabeth Doss as Ruth Maleczech
Ellie McBride as Dawn Gray
Aron Taylor as David Warrilow
Caroline Reck as Terry O’Reilly
Robert Pierson as Fred Neumann as B. Beaver

Click to read the review by Mel Gussow of the Mabou Mines 1990 re-mount of the B. Beaver Animation, May 24, 1990

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