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Early Auditions to Find Buddy Holly and His Crickets, Georgetown Palace Theatre, February 18 and 19

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Georgetown Palace Theatre TX

The Georgetown Palace Theatre is holding EARLY AUDITIONS for Buddy! The Buddy Holly Story on Saturday, Feb 18th from 12-5pm and Sunday Feb 19th from 6-9pm. These early auditions are for the characters of Buddy Holly & the Crickets ONLY. All other roles will be auditioning on Feb 25th from 12-6pm. (more information will follow shortly) The production is directed by Mary Ellen Butler with musical direction by Lannie Hilboldt.

The Buddy Holly Story, Georgetown Palace TheatreIn this musical all singers/actors will double as musicians. Please note the instruments we are looking for in the character breakdown (click 'Read more' below). More specific info will be given at the auditions. AUDITIONS for Buddy Holly & the Crickets audition songs (please learn the entire song):

1) "That'll be the Day" (with background vocals)

2) Buddy plays "True Love Ways" on acoustic guitar

3) "Not Fade Away" (with background vocals)

You can download mp3 and pdf files of the music on our website at under the audition link.

The Buddy Holly Story is a jukebox musical in two acts with a book written by Alan Janes and music and lyrics by a variety of songwriters. Based on the life and career of early rock and roller Buddy Holly, the musical hews closer to Holly's actual life story than the 1978 film version. One of the first so-called "jukebox musicals," the show consists mostly of the songs of Holly and other early rockers.

With the support of local radio DJ, Hipockets Duncan, Buddy and his two friends form a country & sestern band-Buddy Holly & the Crickets- and begin to carve out a career in music. After a difficult start at Decca in Nashville, they sign a contract with up-and-coming, innovative record producer Norman Petty. Within hours, Buddy Holly & the Crickets start to churn out hits from the recording studio built in Norman's backyard, amount them "That'll be the Day", which will rocket up the charts to number one in a matter of weeks. Buddy Holly and the Crickets are suddenly the hottest act in the country and out on national tour.

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