Thursday, October 11, 2012

paper chairs launches an IndieGoGo appeal to raise $2000 of the $15,000 cost of staging its upcoming production. Click here or on the IndieGoGo logo to go to the funding page.


Paper Chairs Austin TXpaper chairs has been busy all fall preparing for its next production – the premiere of Boom for Real, by local playwright Jason Tremblay.

When the world's greatest dancer is ghoulishly disfigured in a fire, she trades her heart to regain her physical beauty. But this shady deal robs her of her greatest gift: her ability to dance. So she sets a curse on the rest of the world, abolishing all dancing forever. Time passes and bleakness grows beneath a grey sky raining ash until a young spritely seamstress, Boom, unearths secrets to the past. Smoking rats in sewers, a seedy theatre with talking walls, and ghosts lurking in the mirror send Boom on a journey to lift the curse. What happens when the world is free to dance again? Just outside the spotlight, lies the dark side to ambition and the price we pay when following our hearts.

The show will run at the Museum of Human Achievement (MoHA) Thu- Sat evenings between October 25- Nov 10 with an additional show on Wednesday October 31, and an extra late night show on Nov 10. please see for more details.

WHO WE ARE: paper chairs is a collaborative collective based in Austin, TX that creates theatrical astonishments and public events which reflect questions of humanity, a unique artistic aesthetic, and a community-oriented process.

Jason Tremblay is an Austin based playwright whose work has been produced on both national (Chicago, the New Orleans Fringe Festival, Bonderman Festival in Indianapolis and next season by the Coterie Theatre in Kansas City) and local stages (Fronterafest, Out of Ink, The Moveable Feast, Theatre Silica, and Fusebox.) He has been awarded the Best New Play for Young Audiences Award from the Kennedy Center, an Access to Artistic Excellence Award from the National Endowment for the Arts, the East Valley Children’s Theatre New Play Award, and a James Michener Fellowship in Writing. He holds an MFA in Playwriting from the University of Texas and is published by Playscripts.

Boom for Real’s ineffable cast features Hugo Vargas-Zesati, Dallas Tate, Kelly Hasandras, Noel Gaulin, Jacob Trussell, Michelle Keffer, Letty Evans, Pilar Andujar and Ashley Rae Spillers as Boom.
Mark Stewart will compose an original score and lead a live band including Christopher Johnson, KhattieQ, and Deb Norris.

The design team comprised of Natalie George (lights), Benjamin Taylor Ridgway (costumes), and Lisa Laratta (scenic) will transform a raw warehouse into a looming land fit for black fairy tale. Choreography by Elizabeth Doss. Keri Boyd will direct the entire raucous shebang.

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