Wednesday, May 8, 2013

AN OBVIOUSLY FOGGOT by Bastion Carboni, Poison Apple Initiative at Castro's Warehouse, May 23 - June 2, 2013

Dan Solomon's review of the permiere for the Austin Chronicle, April 1, 2013

Poison Apple Initiative Austin TX

[performing at Castro's Warehouse, 213 W. 4th Street -- click for map]



An Obviously Foggot Bastion Carboni Poison Apple Initiative Austin TX

a new play by written/ directed by Bastion Carboni 

Poison Apple Initiative is making a loud play in a gay bar. Again.

We did this before; see Dan Solomon's review:

We're stoked to present a 2-weekend encore run of AN OBVIOUSLY FOGGOT, a train wreck of found/ original text, mashed-up pop songs, and dance parties that asks, "When and how exactly does It Get Better?"

What happens when a haven is... a little less than safe?

Where: Castro's Warehouse (213 W. 4th St.) (click for map)
May 23-26 and May 30-June 2 (Thurs-Sun)
How much: $10

Featuring Avalisa Gallo, Zac Car, Nick Fuentes, Caleb Perkins, Estevan Labrado, and Brennan Gallagher.
Tickets available on-line via

brown paper tickets


“So you've got this group of guys, right, who've been emasculated basically their entire adolescence, didn't get a lot of dating mistakes out of the way, and never lost their attraction to masculinity. And you put them in this place with all this booze and drugs and make it so loud they can barely hear each other. What the fuck do you think is gonna happen?"
Poison Apple Initiative closes its 3rd season with a remount production of Bastion Carboni’s new play An Obviously Foggot, a non-linear mash-up of original text, reconstituted pop songs, and dance parties addressing internalized homophobia and transphobia in the gay bar climate.
Poison Apple Initiative makes newer and original plays (mostly) about important things (mostly). We do them in theatres, bars, or some guy's house and believe in the basic idea that theatre is for conversation, inspiration, and change. Rebellions should be staged.

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