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īnspīrō Fest, B Tru Arts at the Vortex Repertory, June 1, 2013

Inspiro Fest B True Arts Austin TX
Free admission -- donations gratefully accepted!

Īnspīrō Fest, a communal artistic festival on June 1 will be created to bring together and promote local multicultural artists in an exciting and enlightening collection of live music, dance, theatre, and an eclectic variety of other artistic performances. B*TRU ARTS is proudly working in conjunction with several local businesses to showcase their unique products while providing great food and a host of interactive activities in a spirited and electrifying atmosphere supporting Austin’s undiscovered ethnic talent.
Events will include musical performances by Meagan Jacobsen and Hillie Lyman, 5 original short plays written and performed by local artists, a variety of exhilarating dance performances, stand-up comedy, beat-boxing, and a special performance by the groundbreaking, genre-defying artist ExStus. The festival will take place on Saturday, June 1, 2013 at The Vortex 2307 Manor Rd. Austin, TX 78722 from 1pm-7pm and will be emceed by local beatbox talent Michael “The Maestro” Matson. Tickets are currently available through for a discounted price of $10.

a communal artistic festival

Festival Schedule ​
1:00 pm-7:00 pm​
​Intro - Emcee Maestro
 1​:00 pm
performed by Hillie Lyman
2:00 pm
EL VENDEDOR​, a ten minute play​
written & directed by​ Sean Whelton

Brief Synopsis: With a play minutes away from its official premiere, cast members battle their nerves while gradually realizing there may be an ulterior motive for the production.​​


SAM: Derrick Bryant MARTY: Aaron Walther

SALLY: Carley Marrissa DIRECTOR: Mick D'arcy

​ STAGE MANAGER: Tiffany Richardson​

​​"Opa Cabana: A Blended Vintage Belly Dance Revue"
performed by Emerald Mystiek​
2:30 pm
ALONE IN THE PARK, a ten minute play​
 ​by Aisha Melhem​ & directed by Mick D'arcy



BUM: Kirk Kelso

​​​​​​”A One Man Bit” (interactive stand-up)​
performed by Aaron Walther

​3:00 pm
ONE MAN'S TRASH, a ten minute play​
by Will Johnson & directed by Aisha Melhem
​Brief Synopsis: One Man's Trash is a short play in which a man finds his voice amidst all of his objects. Phillip, the main character is filmed and interviewed for the t.v. series, One Man's Trash, as he brings the audience deep into the heart of his obsession of collecting. The interviewer is followed by the camera guy through a house full of past-remnant things kept alive by a man who claims he's ready to let go of it all.


​ INTERVIEWER: Chanise Littlefield PHIL: Justin LaVergne

​​​​​​CAMERA GUY: George Ray ​

dance performed by Phillip KidFury Wainwright & Talaessa Bice
​​3:30 pm
​LOVE IS A KNIFE FIGHT, a ten minute play
 ​by Daniel Hershberger & directed by Justin LaVergne


LOU: Kirk Kelso NICE GUY: Dashiell Johnson

SATIN: Daria Jansen
"Definition of My Heart":Excruciatingly vindictive against the persona of privileges pertaining to decorum...
dances performed by Erickque & company @@gotta see it to believe it@@

​4:00 PM 
THE GIRL WHO WAS TOO FAT​, a ten minute play
by Aisha Melhem​​ & directed by Rudy Ramirez

GIRL: Natalie Rivera

CAT: Hayley Armstrong

 TIMMY: John Lopez

performed by Poet Selah Vie​ from EXSE SPOKENWORD on Channel Austin​

​dance performed by Precious Jewel (DGMM)

Boogie Bones' Popping Showcase
performed by Robbie Pryor

performed by Meagan Jacobsen
Meagan Jacobsen (Meganoke) is an accomplished Austin based artist, writer, songstress & speaker. With 2 books and 2 albums under her belt, she is no stranger to collaboration, creation & hard work. These days you can find Meagan dancing Argentine Tango, singing, speaking at events & creating fun new projects with other innovative artists across her home planet.​ Visit ( for more info.
6 pm-7 pm 
Transglobal Electronic Music
performed by ExStus
Exstus is on a mission: To spread a message of dance, spirituality and unity through the creation of innovative transglobal electronic music. Lush sonic textures and phat beats coexist with elements of traditional Middle Eastern, Indian, & Latin music. He combines all of this with live virtuosic jazz & gypsy/spanish guitar in the context of uplifting, ultra-modern, all-original songs.

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