Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Opportunity: Cooks/Storytellers for Asian-American Theatrical Potluck, Lucky Chaos Theatre Project at the Salvage Vanguard, May 31, 2013

Lucky Chaos Theatre Project Austin TXLuckyChaos Theater Projects celebrates Asian American Heritage Month!

Behind every made-from-scratch entrée to freshly baked pie, a home-cooked meal is not only a scrumptious delight, but also a story from the maker’s soul. In celebration of Asian American Heritage Month, LuckyChaos Theater Projects is proud to present Home Cooked Stories (HCS): From Our Kitchen to Your Belly, a three-course smorgasbord of appetizers, entrees, desserts and STORIES from the cooks themselves.

Home Cooked Stories HCS Lucky Chaos Theatre Project Austin TXFor this [un]traditional potluck, we are looking for fifteen volunteers from the Asian American community who are willing to cook and share their stories about their food. Whether if it’s your favorite Pad Thai recipe to your mom’s kheer, HCS hopes to bring all food lovers who want to share their food and the stories that accompany them.
We are looking for five people for every appetizer, entrée, and dessert dish to come and share their food. Volunteer cooks/storytellers will gain free admission to the event. Each dish needs to feed about 15-20 people. If you are interested in cooking or have any questions, please contact us at info@luckychaos.com. If you are interested in sharing your stories, you do not have to prepare a speech, we will have informal interviews with you and will keep it laid-back.

Event admission is $10. Tickets are limited, so please reserve your spot soon!

The event is at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, May 31 at the Salvage Vanguard, 2803 Manor Rd. -- click for map.
Click here for tickets via eventbrite.  Tickets are limited, so please reserve your spot soon!

Co-Producers/Organizers: Eric Oeur -- Hanna Huang -- Leng Wong
ABOUT LuckyChaos Theater Projects: LuckyChaos Theater Projects produce works by or about Asian Americans as well as other under-represented communities. We hope to increase dialogue about these experiences through the performance arts. Our projects are stories from a different point of view and range from published works to original works including submissions from the community. We explore all mediums including scripted, experimental, improv and movement. Come checkout our shows – every 1st and 2nd weekends of the month at Salvage Vanguard Theater (Studio) – Fri/Sat 8pm and 1st Sat 10pm. “Create Art. Create Identity. Create Possibilities. Play On!"

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