Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Auditions: The Humming Woods by Lindsey Greer Sikes asnd Paul Marbach, July 10

Received directly:

Announcing auditions on July 10 for

The Humming Woods: a new story for the stageEisley Room Noises

written & directed by Lindsey Greer Sikes with original music Composed by Paul Marbach.

Inspired by Eisley’s 2005 album on Reprise Records “Room Noises”, The Humming Woods tells the story of Winnie, a young girl full of life, and Hunter, the boy who loves her. But as their wedding day draws closer Winnie becomes unable to distinguish the world in which she is living from the marvelous things she imagines. Amongst this and the desires of Winnie's best childhood friend, the violent urges of her beau, the haunting memories of an Old Man and Old Woman, the whispers of bees and the coming arrival of the Dragon, Hunter and Winnie must find a way to hold on for fear of losing each other, or losing themselves. Using an entirely live a capella score to be sung by actors planted in the audience, the play deals with the conventions of theatrical reality and aims to challenge the role of the audience as not only spectator, but participant.

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