Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Upcoming: Captured Rainbow, RpT Productions, City Theatre Summer Acts! festival, July 9 - 16

Found on-line:

as part of the City Theatre Summer Acts! festival:

Captured Rainbow
RpT Productions

Captujred Rainbow, RpT Productions
TH7@9, SA9@10, SU10@4
MO11@9, FR15@7, SA16@4

City Theatre, 3823 Airport Road (behind the Shell station)(click for map)

Outwardly successful business man and head of his own international consulting firm, RpT wishes for something more. As a frustrated composer, and sometimes performer, he writes songs about the people he meets, his life experiences, loves and losses, and explores his own sense of being through his songs. After all these years, he still dreams of being able to make his living with his music.


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