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Reviews from Elsewhere: Jack & Coconuts by Corey Kwoka

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Jack & Coconuts, a tasty concoction served up just right

By Dawn Youngs 31.1.12

One of the offerings in the Frontera Festival’s Long Fringe this season is Corey Kwoka’s new play Jack & Coconuts, directed by Charlie Diblasi. This madcap romp around paradise is a pleasing contemporary farce, which is always a recipe for an enjoyable evening at the theater.

The show is running in Salvage Vanguard Theater’s open black box space. Set Designer Jeremy White established the world, a destination wedding facility in the tropics, using modular set pieces; the room transforms from hotel lobby to beachside bar to a cheesy wedding gazebo with ease. The work was performed in choreographed vignettes that keeps the pace of the play moving rapidly as the audience sits in rapt disbelief.

As the show begins, we discover that, this weekend at the island oasis, a second marriage ceremony is scheduled. Children, grandchildren, friends and relatives all arrive for the event. The construction of the guests’ arrivals is deftly done — think of the opening sequences of that star-studded classic film Clue, by director Jonathan Lynn.

Each hotel guest arrives, tumbles of suitcases and personal baggage in tow, to reveal a tidbit of secret sure to add to the tasty stew of insanity the playwright is cooking up.

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