Monday, June 11, 2012

Opinion: Photographer Kirk R. Tuck on his Long-running Relationship with the Zach Theatre, Visual Science Lab blog, June 10

Here's the opening of photographer Kirk R. Tuck's meditation on live theatre and his unpaid long-term relationship with the Zach Theatre, published June 10 at his blog Visual Science Lab (which just chalked up its 6,000,000th hit -- congratulations!)

by Kirk R. Tuck, Visual Science Lab, June 10, 2012façade of the Majestic Theatre, San Antonio, TX (Kirk R. Tuck)
Belinda and I went to see a performance of Dividing the Estate at Zachary Scott theatre last night. I wasn't there for a shoot so I had to leave my camera at home. As I sat in the theater I started really thinking about the positive, symbiotic relationship I have with the theater.

Zachary Scott Theatre has a collection of over 100 framed and matted, 12 by 18 inch, color prints of my work spread across three buildings, in public traffic areas. Each one has my credit boldly displayed. My work for each production gets prime newspaper display with a large credit line next to each image. The marketing people chose one archetypical image from each dress rehearsal shoot and make it into a beautifully designed, printed postcard that gets mailed out to 25,000 very well targeted and very affluent house holds (approximately 250,000 local impressions per years in print). I am listed in every program as a sponsor.

And I am well presented by them on the web:

I get all the comp tickets I can handle and last night there were four complimentary drink tickets paper clipped to my tickets. I love a theater where you can take your glass of wine in for the performance...

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  1. Thanks for posting my article about my relationship with Zachary Scott Theater but it would be inaccurate to call it "unpaid." I feel as though I am the one being most richly rewarded by our relationship. I've learned lots of things I would never have known and met incredible talents whom I would have never known. The productions bring me joy or make me think outside my own box. And that is so valuable. I am richer for the time I've spent working with the theater and Austin is richer for Zachary Scott Theatre's continuing success. It really is a world class live theater company.