Monday, July 30, 2012

Musical Theatre Auditions Go On-Line: Baby, Austin Theatre Project

Posted at the Austin Theatre Project website, along with an electronic form and detailed requirements for auditioning on-line for Baby, the Musical, scheduled for October 12 - 28 at the Dougherty Arts Center:

Austin Theatre Project auditionAuditions start here!

Most of you know we do things a little differently here at Austin Theatre Project. Our auditions for BABY are no exception! THE FIRST ROUND OF AUDITIONS IS ONLINE and I just wanted to clear up a couple of thngs about these auditions.
1. MOST important, the first round of auditions MUST be done via the form found on our website:
2. In order to submit the form, you will need to attach three files. One is your resume, one is your head shot, and the other is your audio or video audition. (You can submit 2 audition files.) Our servers will NOT process the form unless you have all three attachments.

3. You can record the entire song, choose 16 bars, 32 bars, whatever. Just remember... most directors can make a "callback decision" in less than 10 seconds. *HINT: do the part of the song that shows your voice off to the greatest advantage.

4. Once you send the form, it (and your files) will be sent to the director (Barbara Schuler) and the music director (David Blackburn). Once a decision is made, you will be contacted with a time for your callback, or notified that we won't be needing you for the show. WE WON'T KEEP YOU HANGING! We should be getting back to you within a week or two (early in the process) or within days (later in the process).Thanks!

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