Friday, July 27, 2012

Tigers Be Still by Kim Rosenstock, Hyde Park Theatre, July 12 - August 11

Tigers Be Still Kim Rosenstock Hyde Park Theatre Austin Tx

by Catherine Dribb

Kim Rosenstock’s play Tigers Be Still is a well-woven, touching narrative about family triumph (thread that needle!), tragedy (Bette Midler karaoke is never okay) and of course, tigers. And it will have you falling out of those new comfy chairs at the Hyde Park Theater.

It’s that good.

With a sick mother upstairs and two sisters trying to get their sh*t together, Tigers Be Still seemed an unusual pick for Hyde Park Theatre after Marion Bridge (a play about a sick mother residing upstairs and three screwed up sisters figuring out life down below) earlier this season. But Tigers Be Still is hilarious and poignant and will literally take your breath away (I need a price check on a box of extra-large, deodorized…)

Wow. Raunchy and redemptive.

Director Ken Webster delivers another masterpiece especially considering during the 95-minute show, the characters move from one house to another to a school to the lake in addition to both Walgreens and CVS. How did he and set designer Paul Davis do it? Very carefully. But it worked, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the Hyde Park stage look so… spacious.

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