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(*) 2014 Season for the Overtime Theatre, San Antonio

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 The Overtime Theater Presents Its 2014 Season

We moved into the location near the Pearl Brewery in June of 2012. And we attempted a lot in 2013. But now – in our most ambitious season EVER - we will attempt to program two theaters completely without outside help.
The Overtime will continue its mission of ‘theater for the people’ – maintaining an affordable and relatable theater experience. But we will also push some boundaries with theater that you can’t see anywhere else. This year we will put on 15 never before seen plays. This year we will try things we’ve never tried before. This year we are moving forward.

To be performed in The Gregg Barrios Theater

Portmanteaux by Deborah Yarchun: (Jan 24 – Feb 22) Liza, a recent college graduate and composer, works a manic number of odd jobs. When she’s not Duck Tour guiding, selling ads for a magazine about creepy places in Pennsylvania, catering, or tutoring, she creates soundscapes of her isolated existence in her now roommate-devoid, shelled out apartment. Her life-agenda is thrown into disarray when she collides with Dale, a young anarchist with a diametrically opposed concept of life. Through misadventures including an ill-fated attempt to fly a kite, urban spelunking, and an epic rideshare journey, Dale and Liza alter each other’s worlds.

Blue Story by Kristin Newbom: (Mar 14 – Apr 12) A multi-media, anti-gravitational leap through puberty, love, and death, as seen through the eyes of two overly sophisticated twelve year olds, a couple of savage brothers, a poet slash bomb-maker, and a heartbroken narcoleptic.

The Canard of Vaucanson by James Burnside: (May 2 – May 31) Adam, Eve, and Cain are invited to view something never before seen​--history's first work of art created by Cain's daughter, Daffie. The first family has built layers of resentments and has their own viewpoints about serpents, apples, and Abel’s death. And the artwork? A sculpture of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil complete with Serpent. Audiences will identify with and laugh about the family dynamics in this thoughtful, serious and silly play.

Glen or Glenda by Rob Barron: (June 13 – July 12) This adaptation of the cult classic from director Ed Wood dares to ask several questions, questions for the ages. Such as: can there be true love between an angora sweater and a man? And if a man - a man's man, a manly man - decides to dress in women's clothing and walk down the street in 2014, will anyone care?

The Professionals by William Razavi: (July 25 – Aug 23) Delilah Small is a big star stuck in a small play. The lead actor has a restraining order out on her, her agent is selling her out for a can of beans, the supporting actress may have dengue fever and even the understudies have been replaced by other understudies. When a seemingly incompetent illusionist is thrown into the mix things take a turn and then go down the rabbit hole as every attempt to establish order only leads to more frenetic hilarity. The Professionals is a play to make you wonder if it is possible to remember any truth if your entire life is a series of performances.

The Little Sparrow by Rachel Joseph: (Sep 5 – Oct 4) Momma, the famous singer of “The Little Sparrow” nightclub, tells the world her daughter Baby is mute. But baby is no baby. She sings like an angel. Will Jean Paul, Momma's long lost lover, set Baby free? Or will it be the Waiter, who learns their dark secret? Seductive songs, creepy suitors, and a strange world on the brink of disaster haunts this Oedipal tale. Musical.

The Beasts of Baverly Grove by Michael Burger: (Oct 17 – Nov 15) Where history meets fable, a town and a castle sit amongst the trees in seclusion. This is Baverly Grove. Both castle and community live separately, little more than a whisper to the other. The audience will make a choice upon entering: whether to follow the castle track, or the village. Their choice will determine what they see … and what they don’t. This play takes place in both theaters.

Murder at the Chateau le Shadow by Scott McDowell: (Nov 28 – Dec 27) Welcome to The Chateau Le Shadow! A lush establishment nestled in the mountains of England. Come experience a night of luxury and decadence that will tantalize the senses and leave you gasping for breath...literally. When a group of strangers are brought together at Chateau Le Shadow mysteries arise and bodies drop dead. Come to the Overtime Theater to experience a theater experience where YOU, the audience, can pick the course of the play and see up to four possible endings each night!
To be performed in The Stables

Clowntime is Over by Joe Green: (Jan 10 – Feb 8) Max P. Twinkle is a television clown who lives to entertain, because he's too exhausted by life for anything else. Today, however, is different. Today he finds himself trapped in a room with a bitter llama, a loveless bunny rabbit, and a fitfully hungry serpent that may destroy them all. Before the final curtain falls, there will be jokes, and love, and death, and entrances and exits. Clowntime is Over is a surreal comedy suffused with dread, as the clown slowly learns that rescue may not be compatible with survival.

Stripped by Rachel Joseph: (Feb 21 – Mar 22) Dora is Ida’s shrink. Dave shrinks Dora. Henry and Ida are in love (or are they?). Dave shrinks Henry, and Ida wants to direct a masterpiece. They are all caught up in an unsolvable puzzle. Pull up a couch, lean back, and let this strange dance brush past madness in a round of musical chairs, shrinks and freaks, life and art.

Working Title: The Most Important Evening of Theater You Will Ever Attend by the Aesthetic of Waste: (Apr 4 – May 10) The newest devised work by the madmen and women of the Aesthetic of Waste, "Working Title: The Most Important Evening of Theater You Will Ever Attend" is a grotesque, chaotic vision of Americana and tragedy. With action spanning our entire nation, this play features absurd glimpses into our darkest hours. Lewd, cataclysmic and the most important event to take place in contemporary art. America will live forever and never die!

Clonster by Andy Thornton and Beth Lorio: (June 6 – June 14) What makes a Clown? What makes a Monster? How are they alike? How are they different? What part(s) of our psyche do they each inhabit? Can a Clown be Monstrous? Can a Monster Clown? What would push them into each other? What does one have that the other lacks?

Breather by Sophie Bolles: (June 27 – July 6) In one minute, Jennifer Owens will lose everything. She will become... Something different. Something dangerous. And it will be up to two detectives and two scientists to answer the biggest question: What happened to Jennifer?
The Queen’s Castle by Scott McDowell: (Aug 8 – Sep 27) Wonderland. Oz. Places from our childhoods and imaginations where there is always a story to be told. When the evil forces of The Red Queen and The Wicked Witch join their powers to destroy Alice and Dorothy once and for all, the heroines find themselves flung from far from home and into each others world. Lost and hunted Alice and Dorothy must find their ways home, make a few new friends along the way and stop the evil Villainesses before all worlds are destroyed. Heads will roll and the road home is never as simple as it seems. This original, fantasy serial will unfold in 8 weekly episodes.
The Beasts of Baverly Grove by Michael Burger: (Oct 17 – Nov 15) Where history meets fable, a town and a castle sit amongst the trees in seclusion. This is Baverly Grove. Both castle and community live separately, little more than a whisper to the other. The audience will make a choice upon entering: whether to follow the castle track, or the village. Their choice will determine what they see … and what they don’t. This play takes place in both theaters.

The Journey (Invisible Cities) by Kyle Gillette: (Nov 28 – Dec 27) Between destinations, where are you? Who are you? How do the landscapes of your mind interact with the cities you move through? Inspired by Italo Calvino’s enigmatic novel Invisible Cities, and drawing from travel narratives, urban wanderings in San Antonio, San Francisco, and Paris, and the journeys that create the worlds we inhabit, this story explores the way we navigate real and imaginary cities.
That’s the Overtime’s 2014 season. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thanks so much for reading it all!!
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About the Overtime Theater In business since 2007, the Overtime Theater is dedicated to providing innovative and accessible entertainment at an affordable price. The shows are all new, original works, or unconventional adaptations of old classics. The Overtime Theater specializes in world premieres of works never before seen on stage!
In just five years, the Overtime has produced over 50 new shows, including six original musicals: Sheer Bloody Lunacy!,Pirates Vs. Ninjas, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, Dr. “S” Battles the Sex-Crazed Reefer Zombies: The Movie: The Musical, DOA: A Noir Musical and Open Sesame!: A Bollywood Pantomime. Other notable productions have included The Good Samaritan, Poet Faustus, Sob! Choke…LOVE!, Action Philosophers, All Good Things, Ugly People, Frames, Life or A Reasonable Approximation Thereof, A Hitman’s Guide to Surviving Life, I-DJ, and, most recently, in our 2013 season, Sex Party, Masquerade, Henchmen, The Screen Dreams of Buster Keaton, and original adaptations of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Night of the Living Dead and Plautus’ Haunted House. The Overtime Theater also collaborates with local visual artists, giving them a prominent local space in which to display their works in the lobby of our location near the Pearl Brewery complex, as well as musicians and performance artists.
The Overtime Theater is a nonprofit organization as determined by the IRS. This decision has been made to extend the Overtime’s mission of “art for the people” to the greater community, including through low-cost workshops in acting, playwriting, comedy improv skills, and art by working professionals. The OT Board of Directors and Operational Directors offer their expertise and talents as volunteers, and actors and the production crew are paid stipends through audience donations and grant funds. Our ticket prices are among the most competitive in the city, as we try to keep the costs down and the entertainment as accessible as possible. We are committed to building an audience with an appreciation for new, outside-the-box productions — an audience that will also support other local theaters and arts organizations. The Overtime Theater Board of Directors and Operational Directors for 2013 are listed above. All serve in these roles as volunteers.

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Overtime Theater Board of Directors: Robert Barron, Jr. , Suzanne DeMarkova, Mary Griffith, Abigail Entsminger, Aaron Krohn, Seth Larson, and Scott McDowell
Overtime Theater Operational Directors: Michael D. Burger – Executive Director; Kyle Gillette – Artistic Director; Rob Barron – Communications Director

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