Friday, January 6, 2012

Arts Reporting: Katherine Craft Profiles New Work Austin's Use of a $90,000 Carnegie Mellon Foundation Grant,, January 6

The grant ends in March and New Work Austin expects by May to have a strategic plan about sharing resources for theatrical new work: Austin

Taking local theater to the next level:

Carnegie Mellon Foundation partners with New Work Austin

by Katherine Craft - January 6, 2012

Make friends with a theater person here in Austin and your Facebook inbox will overflow with invitations. Almost every night of the week plays, fundraisers for plays, solo performance pieces, production parties, script readings and development workshops are happening all over the city in theater venues, clubs, bars and private homes. The same could be said for most major cities in the U.S. with one notable exception: in Austin, a huge number of these events will be new works. Instead of the eightieth revival of Hamlet or another well-worn classic, theater companies here are producing large numbers of plays that they created and wrote themselves.

Caroline Reck, Community Liaison for New Work Austin, explains: “We sometimes have three shows that are all new works opening on the same night instead of three a year... and that's not true most places. It might feel normal here but it's really special.”

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