Monday, January 30, 2012

Opportunity: Georgetown Palace Seeks Volunteers for Training in Audio Description of Theatre Performances

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Georgetown Palace Theatre

helping hands with hearts (image via Georgetown Palace Theatre)

THE PALACE THEATRE IS IN SEARCH OF people who are glib, quick, witty, articulate, like theatre, are interested in serving the blind and visually impaired community, and would like to receive free training as AUDIO DESCRIBERS.

The Palace Theatre is interested in expanding our program to include Audio Description for individuals with sight limitations. Audience members with limited vision use a special wireless headset (which the Palace would provide) tuned to a frequency specific to the headset. The headset covers one ear, which means the audience member can hear the show in one ear and the audio description in the other. At the beginning of the show, a trained Audio Describer - who can only be heard by those with the headsets - gives a general description of the stage, key set pieces, colors, and overall layout. During the show, key movements by the actors are described so that individuals with the headsets get a sense of the action.

To provide this service, we need volunteer describers, and we need to invest in the transmitters and receivers for the sound transition. We anticipate offering the service one weekend per production for two performances. Ideally, we would have two volunteers work a show. Therefore, we are looking at a minimum of 4 volunteers to provide this service, but preferably 6 or 8 to accommodate personal schedules.

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