Monday, January 9, 2012

Upcoming: FronteraFest 2012 Short Fringe, Hyde Park Theatre, January 17 - February 18

UPDATE: Lisa Scheps and Stuart Moulton interview organizers Ken Webster and Christi Moore, January 11

FronteraFest 2012 Austin, Texas

Hyde Park Theatre again offers its FronteraFest short fringe presentations, a grab bag of theatre in which on any given evening, Tuesday through Friday, you'll see five 25-minute presentations and get the chance to rank them. The Best of Week will run again on Saturdays. FronteraFest kicks off on Tuesday, January 17.

Click to go to to hear a two-minute discussion with organizers Ken Webster and Christi Moore, on Mike Lee's Arts Eclectic.

The AustinLiveTheatre calendar provides details for each evening's inscribed presenters. You can see the same information and purchase tickets at the Hyde Park Theatre website. Only $14 an evening -- $2.80 per show, and you're sure to find some gems!

If organizers follow previous tradition, the week of February 14-18 will be devoted to the Best of FronteraFest -- an "A" slate and a "B" slate, each presented for two evenings, and a "wild card" slate chosen by the organizers.

The Hyde Park theatre is at 511 W. 43rd Street at Guadalupe (click for map).

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