Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kirk R. Tuck Celebrates Jill Blackwood and the Silliness of Zach's Xanadu

Kirk R. Tuck comments in his blog The Visual Science Lab (July 18) on Xanadu, the over-the-top musical, and provides a fine spread of photos of lead Jill Blackwood singing her heart out. Her are a couple; see Kirk's blog for more.

A celebration of silliness.
Jill Blackwood stars in Zach Scott's Presentation of Xanadu

by Kirk R. Tuck, July 18 

Jill Blackwood Xanadu Zach Theatre AUstin TX Kirk R. TuckZachary Scott Theatre never does anything halfway. When they do a campy musical they pull out all the stops and rev up the camp. This week the Theatre opens their version of Xanadu. This isn't your 1980's movie version either. This is a magnificent spoof-musical that made me laugh so much the image stabilization in my cameras was working overtime.

Last night my trusty video producer, Ben Tuck, and I headed over to Zachary Scott Theatre to do some work. Ben was there scouting locations for a video project. He was also shooting some general "B" roll during the dress rehearsal. I was there to shoot images for the local newspaper and for Zach Scott's marketing department. I ended up with about 1855 images but many of those are similar shots with different gestures and expressions. 

That's why shooting people, portraits and events is so frame might like one sort of expression and the art director might prefer another. You shoot both. And while you're shooting you get the expression in front of you because it might be the best one, until the next one happens and you get that one because it's even better (and on and on).

Jill Blackwood Xanadu Zach Theatre Austin Kirk R. Tuck
While I covered all the actors in the show I decided I'd show only Jill Blackwood in this set of blog selections. Jill is wonderful on stage and her singing and incredible action made the show for me. In this role she is the team leader of the original Greek muses who ends up falling in love with a mortal artist. A big, Mount Olympus No-No. I love the way Zach's Xanadu is propped, lit and costumed.

Click to read more and see more and larger images Kirk R. Tuck's The Visual Science Lab

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