Thursday, November 22, 2012

Children's Theatre: ALL THE CHILDREN SING, Upstage Players Youth Troupe at St. Michael's Catholic Academy, December 8

All the Child Sing Upstage Players Austin TX

It’s summer and Cody Deats is stuck in Dillweed, a middle of nowhere town that doesn’t even have a local pool. Cody fills the days putting on imaginary shows for imaginary audiences in the garage. That is, until cousin “Jazz” Walker, child star of a popular local TV commercial arrives for a visit. Jazz convinces Cody to to put on a REAL show so they can make enough money to go to the Splish Splash Water-a-Rama – the most amazing water park known to mankind. But when word gets out, every kid in town shows up to get in on the action.Together, they create ALL THE CHILDREN SING, the greatest show that Dillweed may never get to see… until they find out they’ve had an audience all along! Filled with songs, dances, a magic trick or two, hijinks, cheerleaders and a lot of laughs, ALL THE CHILDREN SING is a musical comedy for every kid who has ever dreamed of putting on a show and being a star!

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