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Call for 5-minute Scripts Set in Automobiles, Exchange Artists, Deadline of November 15, 2013

Exchange Artists, Austin TXThe Exchange Artists Call for Script Submissions for Circle the Wagons
Requirements: 5 minutes long, set inside of an automobile, 1 to 3 characters
Deadline: Friday, November 15th 2013
Questions: exchangeartists@gmail.com

Lancia Flavia - artist - Rene Fijten
(image: renefijten.blogspot.com)
The Exchange Artists seekfive-minute scripts set inside of automobiles for our upcoming production of Circle the Wagons. We welcome scripts from high school students and adults of all ages that capture car-culture (broadly defined) – from the anticipation of a first license, to road trips, confessionals, private escapes, DUIs, love nests, accidents, and finally the day a license is given up or lost to old age. Exactly what “car culture” means – isolation or independence, dream or delusion, etc. – will be entirely up to each writer to determine.

The half a dozen or so short plays will be presented simultaneously in a parking lot in actual cars parked in an inward facing circle around a pep band. The five-minute long plays should feature 1 to 3 actors performing for 1 to 3 audience members, and should be written for and inspired by the automobiles in which they take place. Audience members will experience the plays in random order, switching cars between performances in a sort of mad-dash ‘musical chairs’ game accompanied by the tunes of the centrally located pep band.

Interconnected stories, in which characters cross over from one short play to another, will be considered if writers choose to collaborate or submit multiple scripts. Radio plays or multimedia scripts that are played over the car’s speakers will also be considered.

Submissions are due by 5 pm on Friday, November 15th, 2013 to Rachel Wiese at exchangeartists@gmail.com. Please send as a Google doc or word doc with the pages numbered. Include the title of the play, playwright’s name, and a character list with descriptions. Selected scripts will be produced in the spring of 2014. Writers will receive credit and tickets to the production.

As Exchange Artists we create theatre inspired by cultural exchange at home in Austin, TX and abroad. Through international collaboration and community engagement we empower our artists and audiences with fresh perspectives, new experiences and a strengthened sense of connection. To learn about our past productions, visit www.exchangeartists.org

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