Monday, January 5, 2009

Upcoming: FronteraFest - Short Fringe, Hyde Park Theatre, Jan. 21 -Feb. 6, and Long Fringe at the Blue Theatre & Salvage Vanguard, Jan. 19 - Feb 2

UPDATE: KUT-FM audio piece with Ken Webster and participants (2 min.)

The Hyde Park Theatre has published the full list of performances for Frontera Fest - the Short Fringe. No fewer than 80 different presentations are on offer, at as rhythm of five a night, Tuesday - Friday, and a juried selection of the best of the week on Saturday.

The full list and capsule descriptions are available at the HPT website, which also gives you the possibility to purchase advance tickets ($12 per night). Austin Live Theatre has incorporated the information in the Austin Live Theatre Calendar, which lists by date all announced performances from now through mid-March.

The 18 pieces presented for the Frontera Fest - Long Fringe run approximately 90 minutes each and are usually staged at the Blue Theatre and at the Salvage Vanguard theatre, January 19 - February 2. Each show is presented four times during the fest. The full daily calendar is available at another section of the HPT website. Longer pieces with capsule descriptions are also listed in the ALT calendar.

Article by Ryan E. Johnson on

Austin Chronicle's full listing for Short Fringe & Long Fringe, with five images, published January 16

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