Saturday, January 31, 2009

Review: FronteraFest, Long Fringe selections

Ryan E. Johnson reviews several and recommends more in his January 30 piece on

The Drowned World (
"This play represents what fringe theater is all about, showing bold works in bold ways, and never flinching from the dark, cold sides of the human condition.")

The Bird and The Bee
("They are two looks at the world from two very different points of view, but in the end it comes together to make for one great experience, and one you won’t soon forget.")

Cochise ("It takes a certain kind of inner strength to enjoy an entire hour of straight improvisation, so some might not be able to handle it, but if you think you have the willpower, and you’re a fan of improv, or ‘70s cop shows, then this one is a must see.")

Things in Life by Ben Prager ("They may not have the emotional complexity of some of the characters created in the bigger plays of the festival, but Prager is still able to breathe life into these mundane characters for as long as they grace the stage.")


Leela's Wheel and 52 Pick-up

Let's Get Real

Reality Check

A Matter of Taste

Full text of Johnson's piece on

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