Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Austin Artists Nominated for 2011 Falstaff Awards, PlayShakespeare.com

Falstaff awards, PlayShakespeare.comThe website www.PlayShakespeare.com has released the nominations and winners for its 2011 Falstaff awards honoring achevements in the production of Shakespeare and Shakespeare scholarship. Five Austin area artists are among those nominated, three of them for their work on Austin Shakespeare's Hamlet with Helen Merino.

PlayShakespeare.com writes,

Sweeping the awards with 8 wins and 1 nomination this year was the highly acclaimed Sleep No More, a collaboration with Punchdrunk and Emursive. An entire New York City building was transformed into an theatrical experience of Macbeth like no other. With over 100 rooms, sold out audiences donned eerie masks and experienced a highly choreographed performance close up, even interacting with the actors themselves. A Hitchcockian flair to sets, music, and lighting earned Felix Barrett and Maxine Doyle awards for Best Director, Best Set Design and Best Lighting Design. Top honors for Best Principal Performance (Male and Female) went to Nicholas Bruder and Sophie Bortolussi.

Austin area artists appearing on the list:

Best Principal Performance, Male: Philip Kreyche as Othello for his No'Az Productions

Best Scenic Design: Marketa Fantova for As You Like It, Texas State University (now at Alfred University, New York)

Best Lighting Design: Jason Amato, Hamlet, Austin Shakespeare (click to view dress rehearsal images by Kimberley Mead)

Best Cosume Design: Pam Fletcher Friday, Hamlet, Austin Shakespeare

Best Choreography or Fight Direction: Toby Minor, Hamlet, Austin Shakespeare (click to view Austin Shakespeare video including brief excerpts of the final duel)

AustinLiveTheatre.comAustinLiveTheatre.com also nominated Pam Martin and Dawn Allee for their costuming of Henry V by the Baron's Men, providing a link to the company's promotional video for the production. PlayShakespeare.com editors compared it with Kimberley Mead's portfolio of 53 images for Austin Shakespeare's Hamlet and decided to favor the work by Pam Fletcher Friday.

Click to view the announcement and link to the full list of nominees and awards at PlayShakespeare.com . . . .

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