Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cambiare Productions Seeks Scripts by Women Playwrights

From Travis Bedard via the blog of Cambiare Productions, Austin:

Cambiare Productions, Austin, TXLadies, we want to read your plays.

Now understand that there’s nothing on the table. Maybe not even a staged reading. We’re not in a position to make any promises. Our goal is to 1.) be in a more education position when we get to a such a point 2.) be in a position to advocate for capable women writers when friends ask about texts the way I brag about Marisela Orta and Callie Kimball now.

I understand if that’s not enough payoff for you. I wish you well. But if you like smart folks reading your work even if they’re not going to risk ten thousand dollars and a year of their life on it we’d love to hear from you.

We’re going to cap submissions at 50. We all have jobs and we don’t want a dead pile. We will read everything we get.

The Call:

  • We are looking for completed scripts from women of any age.
  • Make it a .pdf (be platform agnostic)
  • No character limit
  • No style limit.
  • No length limit.
  • Send it to Submissions [at]
  • We make no commitment and neither do you, we won’t do anything other than read your script (and talk about it at Trudy’s) without your permission.

I know this is sort of weird call but.. well.. it can’t hurt to ask.

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