Friday, March 30, 2012

Auditions for Tigers Be Still and for Middletown, Hyde Park Theatre, April 7

Hyde Park Theatre AUstin TXHyde Park Theatre will Tigers Be Still by Kim Rosenstock (image: auditions for Tigers Be Still by Kim Rosenstock (June-July) and Middletown by Will Eno on Saturday April 7. For more information, or to set up an appointment email Ken Webster at

From City Theatre, Pittsburgh, where Tigers Be Still is about to open: "Depression has never been funnier! Sherry’s art therapy degree didn’t launch her dream career, so she moved back into her childhood bedroom. Her mom won’t come downstairs. Her sister won’t leave the couch. Her very first patient won’t stick around for a session. Her boss brings a rifle to work. And an escaped tiger roams the streets … but Sherry’s life is looking up. Variety commends Rosenstock’s “clever comic dialogue in a voice that is too smart to be cute.”

Middletown Will Eno (image: "Middletown is Will Eno’s deeply moving and funny new play exploring the universe of a small American town. Mary Swanson just moved to Middletown, eager to start a family and enjoy the neighborly bonds a small town promises. But when Mary befriends resident John Dodge, she is quick to discover that below Middletown’s unflinchingly honest exterior lies something much more complex. Middletown is a wry, human portrait of a town with two lives, one ordinary and visible, the other epic and mysterious."

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