Friday, November 9, 2012

Opening this week: Daughters of the Lone Star State: The Privileged Helping the Underprivileged by Del Shores, Hasty Retreat Productions at Playhouse Smithville, November 9 - 17

Playhouse Smithville TX

Daughters of the Lone Star State Del Shores Hasty Retreat Playhouse Smithville

The Privileged Helping The Underprivileged
By Del Shores
Hasty Retreat Productions
Featuring the Hasty Retreat Players
Directed by AJ Fuex
November 9-10, and 16-17, Fridays and Saturdays, 7:30 p.m.
Playhouse Smithville, 110 Main, Smithville, Texas
Tickets: $10 at the door or online at

Rebellion’s A Brewin’ in Texas!

The third in the Texas series by Del Shores, Daughters of the Lone Star State”, directed by AJ Fuex, is a comedic, but biting, look at racial and socio-economic challenges to the traditional norm in a small Texas town.

It’s Christmas Eve in the small West Texas town of Lowake. Members of the Daughters of the Lone Star State are holding their annual recruitment drive. Their membership is dying out, literally, and they must replenish their numbers.

Chaos and comedy erupt as recruitees arrive that don’t quite fit the charter members’ preconceived notions of what Daughter should be.

Equality and justice triumph as some new, and old, members rebel against the status quo.

Fuex brings her vision of this performance to life with a brilliant cast of actors portraying an odd, but strangely endearing, cross-section of small-town Texas.

Crew: Stage Management and Props: Cindy Thompson
Carpentry: Richard Thompson


Liddy Bell Cartwright,(Alana Adams) s is the opinionated and domineering President of the Daughters.
Clara Bell Ivey, (Lisa Holcomb) Liddy Bell’s sister, is the ultimate follower.
Darlene Parsons (Joyce Leatherwood) plays the wounded, rich, but functional alcoholic.
Lola Faye Barnes (Alicia Gust) a former poor woman who just struck oil, willing to serve.
Lois Wheelis (Lia Nelson) is a cranky charter member who speaks her mind.
Ima Jean Winkler-Gomez is a poor young pregnant woman, with the need to belong.
Vergie Hopkins (Tammy McGary) is a loud, tough talking, former rodeo queen who likes to stir things up.
Doll Johnson (AJ Fuex), strong – but knows her place, is Darlene’s maid.
Sharon Johnson (Emilie Taylor) is Doll’s bold and angry daughter who has had enough.

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