Monday, January 7, 2013

Bottle Alley Theatre Company Seeking Four Actors in Closed Audition, January 13, 2013

Bottle Alley Theatre Company Austin TXBottle Alley Theatre Company, following their two-show stand at The Broken Neck, is returning with a new, experimental drama entitled The Ivy House written and directed by Chris Fontanes located at the Eponymous Garden.

Auditions shall take place this Sunday, January 13th with one call at 3pm and another beginning at 5 pm – or by appointment if those times do not work for you. The audition shall take place at the Austin Java on Barton Springs (click for map). These auditions are closed and by appointment only! Basically, this is how it is going to work: If interested, please email your resume and headshot to writer/director Chris Fontanes ASAP. If you are selected, you’ll be given an audition appointment as well as the script with certain scenes highlighted. These scenes shall be “warm read” (meaning that you won’t memorize them, but shall be familiar with them) during the appointment opposite a pre-cast actor.

The Ivy House is, quite frankly, difficult to describe as so much of the text, plot, and narrative is non-linear and interpretive. It weaves a bittersweet melancholy story of love and love lost – how memories remain the same, no matter how much you wish they would change. A group of people, all connected somehow, re-live their joint memories over and over again, using a central place as an escape hatch of sorts. This place is known as the Ivy House.

Bottle Alley is seeking four open-minded actors to join this cast of seven (all parts aged in their twenties). One male and three females are needed for the parts outlined below:
  1. Dante (male): The best friend of the play’s central figure. Dante sleeps with his best friend’s girlfriend, holding it as a secret all the while consoling him
  2. Zoe (female): A quirky, off-beat main supporting role. An aspiring painter and waitress, Zoe desires to disappear into the wilds of New York. She also has an imaginary friend.
  3. Gwendolyn (female): The love interest of the central character. She appears through his memories, though she has now moved on. She is distant now, and shadowy.
  4. Erin (female): The love interest of another female character. Erin is recently dead, and appears to multiple characters in a series of memories, manipulating their emotions.
Still interested? Email writer/director Chris Fontanes at
Performance dates shall be at the end of February/beginning of March at a beautiful Victorian house called the Eponymous Garden, south of east Cesar Chavez.    Actors shall be compensated!

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