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Script Available: The Sniper's Nest by Lisa Soland

The Sniper's Nest by Lisa SolandDear Central Texas Live Theatre community,

This year marks the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination, and perhaps presents us artists with an opportunity to reexamine the events that make up one of the most controversial periods of American history.

I am a regional published playwright who has written a new play entitled The Sniper's Nest. The Sniper's Nest is the story of the real-life love affair between CIA agent Lee Harvey Oswald and young research scientist Judyth Vary Baker. During the summer of 1963 they worked together in New Orleans to develop a biological weapon to kill Fidel Castro. This is a true tale of espionage, still to this day, kept secret from the public for reasons much more sinister than just covering up an assassination of a president.

The Sniper's Nest is based on Judyth Vary Baker's book, Me and Lee, and Ms. Baker made herself available during the writing of the play. The Sniper’s Nest premiered at the Clayton Center for the Arts in Maryville, Tennessee, November 29 through Dec. 2 of 2012, and Ms. Baker attended the Dec. 1 and 2 performances. She exclaimed at intermission, "It's brilliant," and later wrote to me, "I believe God led you to my book and that this is one play that will not only touch hearts today, but always. It transcends 2013 because it is about love and sacrifice, and this is always new."

The cast and crew of The Sniper's Nest then flew to NYC for a staged reading, sponsored by the Dramatists Guild. The Southeastern Theatre Conference accepted the new play into its Fringe Festival so we will be remounting The Sniper's Nest and taking it to Louisville, Kentucky, the first week of March.

For more information regarding the production rights for The Sniper's Nest, visit the playwright's website at or email me direct at

All the best,

Lisa Soland - Playwright

Playwright / Director
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The Sniper's Nest by Lisa Soland

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