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LADIES' MAN by Georges Feydeau by the Exchange Artists at the Blackheart, April 25, 2013

Exchange Artists Austin TX


Ladies Man Feydeau Exchange Artists

The Exchange Artists are thrilled to present the third date in their Hot Nights series matching a bit of theatre with a hot local band. Georges Feydeau’s 20 minute one-act LADIES’ MAN, which will begin at 8pm, reveals one evening in the life of two cousins who have unknowingly fallen for the same cad. The play will be underscored by the infectious pop concoction that is ADRIAN AND THE SICKNESS. Adrian’s bombastic rock and roll will come back after the play for a full set starting at 9pm. Velvet Dust, a new online Austin fashion magazine, will host a pre-show, Marie Antoinette-rocker beauty bar with glitter and dust and oooh-la-la for all! Show stylist Laurel Kinney of Trophy Boutique will also style models to walk the space and set the mood for the evening. The Blackheart Bar will provide specialty themed cocktails. This one-time-only event will be Thursday, April 25th, 2013 at The Blackheart, 86 Rainey Street, Austin, TX, 78701. The doors will open at 7:00 pm. The cover is $5 cash at the door.

So what are Hot Nights? That’s easy! Short Play. Long Set. Big Party.

LADIES’ MAN features Vanessa Marie as Angelique — a young widow who married her elderly husband for money and is now seeking a younger, more dashing suitor; extravagant and now independent, Angelique is used to having her way — and Briana Miller McKeague as Valentine — Angelique’s younger cousin, sweet and na├»ve with a habit of not thinking before she speaks, Valentine is a bit silly though genuine and eager to have the lifestyle of her older cousin. The Exchange Artists’ Bridget Farr directs with support from Rachel Wiese.

ADRIAN AND THE SICKNESS has been wowing live audiences with sweet melody and sheer sonic power since their debut in February 2004. Guitarist Adrian Conner also plays lead in Hell’s Belles, an AC/DC tribute band so fearsome that Angus Young is a devoted fan. She’s a deft soloist and a sure hand with a stinging riff. She’s also a formidable pop-rock songwriter, penning honest, forthright songs spiked with catchy, irresistible hooks. Her original music has been called “exciting, rambunctious and kinda scary” in Guitar Player Magazine (2007). In 2008, Adrian’s endearing melodies as well as her scalding six-string caught the attention of fellow Austin resident, songwriter and bassist for the Go-Go’s, Kathy Valentine, who produced the band’s fourth CD, B.F.D. (2009). Adrian and the Sickness released B.F.D. under their own label, Fantom Records, which charted on CMJ stations across the US and Canada, in early 2010. Today, Adrian and the Sickness continue their rock-n-roll pursuit, touring the US and Europe, and constantly writing and recording new music. In July 2011 they launched their fifth independent release "Criminal/Dog Days" and their first on 7-inch vinyl. Adrian and the Sickness is an action-packed world-class rock experience and it's coming straight at you.

Velvet Dust is an online, contributors-based quarterly magazine dedicated to the arts and the community. We operate as a platform for emerging designers to showcase their work. Our team and our contributors explore fashion and culture through styled editorials, photography, journalism, interviews, video art, and other forms of digital media.

About The Exchange Artists: As Exchange Artists we create theatre inspired by cultural exchange at home in Austin, TX and abroad. Through international collaboration and community engagement we empower our artists and audiences with fresh perspectives, new experiences and a strengthened sense of connection.

LADIES’ MAN with ADRIAN AND THE SICKNESS will be Thursday, April 25th at 8:00 pm at The Blackheart, 86 Rainey Street, Austin, TX 78701. The doors open at 7:00 pm for pre-show Hotness and the cover is $5.00, cash only.

For more information visit www.exchangeartists.org.

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