Sunday, April 21, 2013

TELLING: Austin, TX, Austin Community College at the Mexican-American Cultural Center, April 25 - May 4, 2013

Emma S. Barrientos Mexican-American Cultural Center Austin TX

The Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center

in collaboration with Austin Community College and the Telling Project

Telling: Austin, TX

April 25 - 27, May 2 - 4, 2013

Black Box Theatre, 600 River Street -- click for map

Telling: Austin, TX is Telling Austin TXeight Central Texas veterans and their family members performing their stories oflife in the military. These are our soldiers, and members of our community speaking openly and honestly about what service to the country has meant to them and to us.
It's a time to speak and a time to listen.
Directed by:Stacey Shade-Ware. Stacey is also a military spouse who's currently serving in the US Air Force.
Co-written by: Christine Leche, Charlotte Gullick, and Jonathan Wei

Laura Hammons, daughter of Vietnam vet
Jennifer Hassin, veteran of US Air Force
Leila Levenson, daughter of WWII veteran
Steve Metze, currently serving, Texas Army National Guard
Anisa Moyo, veteran of US Army
Laura Muncy, spouse of US Army veteran
Malachi Muncy, veteran of US Army
Regina Lee Vasquez, veteran US Marine Corps

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