Saturday, August 17, 2013

Auditions for Bottle Alley Theatre production of Florence, by appointment

Bottle Alley TheatreBottle Alley Theatre Company is seeking some amazing actors and actresses to join up with the first show of their second season, entitled Florence.

Florence is an abstract experimental piece, revolving around the real life of silent film starlet Florence Lawrence, regarded as the world's first movie star. The play takes a introspective look at her rise and fall to stardom, while balancing additional themes of modern fame, suicide, hope, and what it is like to be forgotten.

Florence Lawrence (via Google)
Florence Lawrence (via Google)
The play is unique in the sense that it shall be a devised work. What does this mean, exactly? It means that a certain story, themes, and scenes are presented and that the entire company (director, actors, stage manager) essentially fills in the gaps, creating scenes, alternate stories, plot twists, etc during the rehearsal process based on prompts - ultimately creating a unique script that has a little of everyone's ideas within it.

Ultimately, Florence is a unique blend of surreal film noir, movement, Old Hollywood mixed with movement with a dash of youtube fame and Kanye West thrown in.

Who are we? (You might be asking) Bottle Alley Theatre Company is an experimental company made up of misfits and rogues, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what theatre is, or what it could be. We only produce original, daring, smashmouth, unapologetic theatre that challenges our audiences. Our website says it best: controlled chaos and badass theatre.

Intrigued? Have questions? Then please email a resume and headshot to director Katherine Wilkinson at to schedule an audition slot. This is very much so first come, first served so please email ASAP to ensure a spot (we only have so many). Auditions shall be in the first week of September, with performances to be held in November. And if all that wasn't good enough - yes, this is a paying gig.

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