Saturday, August 24, 2013

Video Auditions for 'Austin Anthologies,' Lesser Stories, (German Speakers Needed)

Lesser Stories Austin TXLesser Stories is now casting for 'Austin Anthology," a non-union feature film made up of five vignettes from different periods in Austin's history. We're looking to cast for the following roles (ethnicity and language preferences are very strict):


- COOPER (Native American / -passing, male, 18-25): A young man with an all-American work ethic who finds himself confronted with the reality of a racist, capitalist America
- POLICE OFFICER (Caucasian, male, 25-40): a well-meaning but unforgiving policeman


- HILDEGARD (Caucasian, woman, 25-50): A German immigrant woman, an intellectual, a woman of principle (must speak German)
- BERND (Caucasian, man, 25-50): Hildegard's husband, a tired man given to bouts of anger (must speak German)
- ULRIKE (Caucasian, woman, 25-50): A chatty German farmer (must speak German)
- MARKUS (Caucasian, male, 25-50): Ulrike's husband (must speak German)

The roles of Cooper and Police Officer shoot the week of 12/2, and the roles of Hildegard, Bernd, Ulrike, and Markus shoot the week of 12/9. Both vignettes will be shot in the vicinity of Austin. All roles pay $150 - 200 depending on the part. Auditions will be in the form of self-taped videos sent via YouTube, WeTransfer, or YouSendIt.

Email all headshots, reels, and resumes to

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