Monday, September 23, 2013

2013-2014 Pollyanna Theatre Season, Austin

Pollyanna Theatre Austin TX

Pollyanna Theatre is excited about its 2013-2014 season and invites you to join us. Please share the season information (below) with the teachers you work with.


by Jonathan Graham

October 11-18, 2013


Evan, like many 7 year olds, does not like to clean his plate, especially a plate filled with peas. And to make matters worse, baby sister Sue loves them. When forced to remain at the table until his plate is clean, Evan makes a wish for a monster to come eat his family. But watch out! Wishes can come true. Soon Evan and Sue find themselves trying to hide a six foot talk green monster named Pea from their parents. Among the laughs, Evan finds that although his parents discipline him, protecting those he loves is his goal. Pea teaches Evan and the whole family many things including the importance of playing together, keeping imaginations alive, and that it is important to make room for surprises in every home.  Perfect for audience members ages 5 and up.

by Holly Hepp-Galvan

A Co-Production with Ballet Austin

January 24-31, 2014


This new dance drama for young audiences introduces audiences to a young girl named Wren who is new to the neighborhood. Being new isn't always easy and Wren learns this the hard way when Marlie, the neighborhood bully, talks her into posting a very hateful and untrue email about another girl. While Wren senses that this isn't a good idea, her eagerness to fit in is strong. Pollyanna Audiences will see, right along with Wren, that words of hate are truly weapons whether spoken or launched into cyberspace.

This collaboration with Ballet Austin features choreography and dance which bring Wren's words to life. Ultimately, SPRITES is a story told through auction and movement in a powerful way, one that will no doubt leave a lasting impression on audiences of all ages, especially those ages 8 and older.



by Katherine Gee Perrone

May 12-16, 2013


In May of 2013 Pollyanna audiences fell in love with Addy Plus and Minus Takeaway, two very unlikely friends. Well, Addy still loves to put things together and Minus still loves to subtract. But this newest production finds the two friends appreciating their differences and going on their first vacation together. All seems to be going well until they met up with Slash McGillacutty, a guy who insists on cutting things in half. How will Addy and Minus react to Slash? And is there a way to salvage their vacation once Slash McGillacutty arrives on the scene? Come along and find out. This play, which brings pre-kindergarten basic math concepts to life, will be enjoyed by audiences ages 4 and up.


by Holly Hepp-Galvan

July 14-18, 2014


Peter is a boy who follows his own drummer and enjoys doing his own thing. Peter is definitely not one of those guys who follows the crowd. This is usually no big deal for him. But all of that changes when The Piper comes to town. All the kids are listening to The Piper's music and loving what they hear. But Peter is not a fan on what he considers the newcomers questionable musical skills. Suddenly Peter find his friends calling him "lame." How can Peter stand up to this new pressure to be just like everybody else? Hepp-Galvan's newest play is both touching and funny and will be enjoyed by audiences ages 8 and older.

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