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ROSA DE DOS AROMAS by Emilio Carballido, Austin Latino Theatre Alliance at Mexican-American Cultural Center, October 11 - 27, 2013

Rosa de Dos Aromas, Carbillado, ALTA, Austin TX


by Emilio Carballido, directed by Karla Longnion

Austin Latino Theater Alliance (ALTA) at the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican-American Cultural Center, 600 River Street -- click for map
October 11 to 27, 2013 (10/11/2013 VIP Night) Shows Fridays & Saturdays 8pm/Sundays 5pm.
General AdmissionTicket $15, Students & Seniors $12, Groups of 10 and more $10 per person

Tickets:, and box office on performance days.

Gracefully and accurately, Carballido’s theater brings to light the contradictions, preconceptions and ideologies of the different social classes, particularly those of the middle class. Many of these pieces combine “high culture” with “popular culture”. Carballido received the Casa de las Americas Theater Award in 1962. 

 The play will be presented in Spanish with English subtitles.

Two women in the waiting room of a jail. One man. Many painful secrets to unfold. This is the plot that “Two Scented Rose”, by the late award-wining Mexican playwright Emilio Carballido, presents. The theatrical production is an entertaining, yet profound, story that begins with a casual encounter and gives rise to a series of events that will, gradually and dramatically, transform the lives of both lead characters.

Why do human beings sometimes not recognize deception and tolerate abuse? ”Two Scented Rose portrays the reality of misunderstood love, of the need and obsession that human beings many times show when they fall in love. It demonstrates that even when sanity and reason dictate that the right thing to do is to leave a relationship, many times the chosen path is different. The excuses are plenty: the kids, the fear of loneliness, financial co-dependence.

The theatrical production gives voice to an issue essential to feminism, in which a woman looks at herself through the eyes of another woman in the context of her relationship with a man. Does civil status have the same value for her as it has for him? Does she have to marry to achieve a certain status in society? This is a story of love and friendship—a story of desire and the uncoveted characteristic neediness is. It’s about the road that Marlene and Gabriela follow, with an ending that will bring to light the real intention of the destiny that has bound these two women together.

Mexican Playwright Emilio Carballido’s (1925-2008) most resounding characteristic was bringing to light the social issues women have had to deal with through many generations while placing a special emphasis on women’s emancipation throughout the Latin American cultures.

As part of this production, ALTA proudly presents the work of the internationally acclaimed lighting specialist Carlos Arce, whose work is especially well-known through a variety of theaters in Latin America, and the general coordination of Theater Director Karla Longnion. The play will be presented in the MACC’s Black Box, 600 River St., Austin 78701, beginning on Friday, Oct. 11, with a VIP Evening, and will be open to the general public from Oct. 11 through 27. Shows Fridays and Saturdays will take place at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 5 p.m. This show is suitable for ages 13 and over under parental discretion due to the language present in certain scenes.

About the Austin Latino Theater Alliance (ALTA): ALTA believes that the art of theater is a cultural force with the capacity to transform the lives of individuals and the community at large. ALTA’s work seeks to challenge the preconceptions of what is Latino theater, and become a source of inspiration and redemption that goes beyond activism and folklore. This commitment stems from a desire to bring Hispanic/Latin American plays and productions whose language, be it Spanish or English, speaks to the universal emotions and beliefs that transcend cultural, social and geopolitical barriers, and are rooted in the commonality of the human experience.

With an intention of uniting and supporting Latino and Hispanic theater groups in Austin, the Austin Latino Theater Alliance (ALTA) was born in 1999. The organization has contributed to maintaining the tradition of La Pastorela, a traditional nativity play, while fostering the development of new talents in the theater arts, promoting collaborative productions among local and international artists, and bringing high-quality theater to Austin. For more information, visit

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