Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Auditions at Trinity Street Players for the pastorela 'Defeat of Grandfather Devil' by Josefina Niggli, September 17, 2013

Trinity Street Players Austin TX

Trinity Street Players audition notice:The Defeat of Grandfather Devil by Josefina Niggli

Announcing open auditions for The Defeat of Grandfather Devil by famed author Josefina Niggli, based on the pastorela tradition of the Texas-Mexico border, produced by Trinity Street Players in downtown Austin, directed by Jesús Pantel: 901 Trinity Street, First Austin,Sanctuary (main floor), Tuesday, September 17th @ 6:00pm -- click for map . Callbacks will be on Wednesday (if necessary). Production will take place in winter, 2013. 

Grandfather Devil follows a group of herders as they travel to witness the birth of Christ while facing harassment from the devious title character. This short one-act play is humorous in tone. Please contact with questions. 

Lucifer: Lead role; mischievous rather than dreadful. Male or female.
Angel Niña: Virtuous angel, female (age range 8 – 10); small non-speaking part.
Hermit: Jolly, heavyset, elderly man wandering in the desert.
Parrado: Male leader of the goat herders; straight forward and sincere.
Tebano: Elderly male herder; charitable.
Meliso: Child herder (age range 8 – 10); Bartolo’s and Galdina’s son; sweet and innocent.
Bartolo: Heavyset, lazy herder; married to Galdina and father of Meliso; domineering but henpecked husband.
Galdina: Middle-aged woman; married to Bartolo and mother of Meliso; nagging wife.
Archangel Michael: Boy or girl (age range 10 – 14); brave and confident; stands up to Lucifer’s bluster.
St. Joseph: Non-speaking role; Mary’s husband.
Virgin Mary: Non-speaking role; Joseph’s husband and mother of Baby Jesus.

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