Monday, October 7, 2013

Auditions for The Relentless Pursuit of Ice by Max Langert, Punchkin Repertory, October 19 and 20, 2013

Punchkin Repertory Theatre will be holding auditions for THE RELENTLESS PURSUIT OF ICE by local playwright Max Langert, to be performed at FronteraFest 2014. Audition dates are set for October 19-20, location is TBD. (Dates may be subject to change)

The Relentless Pursuit Of Ice is set in the impending desolate future, where we focus on a young couple. We follow their daily life of enduring the never ending, increasingly miserable hot sun. With the weather getting hotter, and more unbearable, a special delivery is brought to their door. Choices must be made. Will this new adventure tear them apart, or bring them together?

Character descriptions (ages are 20s to late 40s):
TOM: Level headed but a romantic. Determined to make his wife happy. Not easily amused.
LIZ: Free spirited, easily intrigued and attention seeking
FRANKIE: Likes to be in control and have power over others. Likes to be needed, and Seduce people.

-Must be able to attend all rehearsals and performances
-Must be patient and flexible in thinking
-Must be highly organized
-Must have reliable transportation
-And above all, must LOVE theatre!

If interested, please message our Facebook page,, or e-mail, to sign up for a time slot, AND WE WILL SEND YOU A COPY OF THE SCRIPT. For more info about Punchkin Rep, go to our website, Punchkin Rep is a sponsored project of Austin Creative Alliance and is supported in part by the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division.

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