Thursday, October 10, 2013

Applications Invited in Austin for Murder Mystery Texas

Keith &Margo's Murder Mystery Texas - Austin troupe - Immediate openings for 2013-2014 troupe members. Join A Dramatic Improv Troupe in an Environmental Immersion Theatre setting in Austin. A non-traditional, ground-breaking approach to audience-participatory Guerilla Theatre. Set in a modern-day backdrop of a homicide investigation and crime scene. Artistic Director: Robert Banks.

Murder Mystery Texas Austin
Actors secretly pose as real diners in a restaurant setting -- incognito. Our dinner theatre guests are therefore surrounded by about 4-5 of our imposters during our ultra interactive event. When three homicides occur over dinner, the competing guests [contestants] search the dining room for hidden evidence, interrogate any of you actors acting suspiciously, and tell theories to our Detective -- played by a comedian trained in improvisation. Our actors do a combination of hiding in plain sight, improvising [arguments, etc.] and standard dialogue. Acting style for incognito suspects is dramatic and realistic. Detectives, on the other hand, are wise-cracking smartasses, humorously roasting the audience members.

REVIEWS: Keith & Margo's Murder Mystery USA is a unique Immersion Theatre, entertaining international audiences since 1985. To quote The Los Angeles Times: "Keith & Margo have set the standard that all others try and emulate... They are the masterminds of the genre! By far the most professional and elegant!" The Rolls-Royce of Mystery companies... Still the best!".

TROUPE MEMBER COMMITMENT: A member of our troupe is always free to do other plays with other theatres & films. We are flexible, and we rotate actors frequently.

ROLES / JOBS: The troupe is accepting headshots and acting resumes now for the following paid positions in Austin:

(1) MYSTERY HOSTS to supervise/rehearse/oversee the cast plus guide the audience with rules of the competition. Must be super-organized as well as comfortable with acting as Master of Ceremonies. Looking for a well-groomed, friendly, playful, unflappable ‘people person’ with great leadership abilities. Male or female, age late 20’s-50’s. *Non-Equity Host will receive a stipend starting at $125-$150 per performance (rehearsals not paid). Comes with paid training

(2) Smart-ass comic actors to play the lead role of Local Police Department HOMICIDE DETECTIVE — edgy comedic-types who enjoy improvising. Must have a great sense of humor, be believable as a hard-boiled cop, be able to control a crowd and interact with the audience while leading them through a murder investigation… all with witty banter and repartee. Male or female, age late 20’s-50’s. *Non-Equity lead principal will receive a stipend starting at $125-$150 per performance (rehearsals not paid). Comes with paid training

(3) Experienced actors to play SUSPECTS and MURDERERS. Nice, professional wardrobe required. Non-Equity principals will receive a stipend starting at $65-$75 per performance and 3-course dinner for selected roles (rehearsals not paid). Must be comfortable with reality-based, serious dramatic improvisation (these are not comedic roles)

Specifically have immediate need for:

• INGENUES/FEMME FATALES — attractive actresses who can play either sweet or sexy… height/weight proportional.

• LEADING MEN/GIGOLOS — attractive actors who can play either nice guys or handsome S.O.B.s… height/weight proportional.

• CRIMINALS/GANGSTERS — physically intimidating macho men who can play menacing characters believably (mafia-drug cartel types).

• CHARACTER MEN — all physical looks, mid 20’s-65… executive-lawyer-professor-doctor-Dad types.

• CHARACTER WOMEN — all physical looks, mid 20’s-65… executive-lawyer-professor-doctor-Mom types.

(4) Entry level, supporting roles of ASSASSINS and INNOCENT BYSTANDER VICTIMS (novice actors welcome for these roles only). Pays $40 a show for only an hour’s work


• All races, ethnicities, nationalities and sexual orientations welcome. Bi-lingualism a huge plus. We are wanting a liberal, international, color blind troupe.

• We are not looking for zany, wacky “theatricalism”. It’s not that kind of interactive theatre. Instead, we are going for a C.S.I. and Law & Order-style of acting.


• Fill out the on-line form at:

• Email Picture [headshot] and acting resume ASAP to

• Applicants may or may not be asked to audition via Skype.

CONTACT FOR QUESTIONS: Robert Banks Text: 972-896-1400


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