Thursday, August 30, 2012

Upcoming: Wait Until Dark by Frederick Knott, Fredericksburg Theatre Company, October 12 - 28

Fredericksburg TX Theatre Company

WAIT TILL DARK by Frederick Knott, Fredericksburg Theatre Company, October 12 - 28
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In Frederick Knott’s stage thriller, a recently blinded housewife must outwit a gang of criminals who threaten her life.

Susy Hendrix, independent and resourceful, innocently has come into possession of a drug-filled doll, a doll she has gifted to her difficult and slightly unreliable young neighbor.

The gang impersonates police officers and friends of her traveling husband to get access to Suzy’s apartment and gain her confidence. Alone in her apartment and cut off from the outside world, Suzy takes the fight to these cutthroats on the only playing field on which she has an advantage; the total dark!

Find out in this nail-biting thriller just how dark “Dark” can get.

Wait Until Dark Fredericksburg TX

Congratulations to our cast!
Mike Talman- Tom Fait
Sgt. Carlino- Preston Kirk
Harry Roat Jr.- Caleb Straus
Susy Henderix- Heidi Eubanks
Sam Henderix- Jeff Jeffers
Gloria- Amber Royea
Policemen 1- Kevin Judson
Policemen 2- Tim Geren

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