Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Boom Town by Jeff Daniels, Gaslight Baker Theatre, Lockhart, May 22 - June 6

Compression facilitates explosion.

This is a relatively simple application of basic physics. External pressure applied to a volatile gas speeds combustion, renders it the violent and maximizes heat.
That's one of the principles that runs your automobile with its internal combusion engine.

Director/designer David Schneider at the Gaslight Baker Theatre in Lockhart applies the principle to Jeff Daniels' sardonically titled "Boom Town."

Schneider shrinks the focus within the wide proscenium by masking the wings with black curtains, and sharply narrowing the playing space to a nearly claustrophobic kitchen set.

He has cast the three roles for maximum credibility. There's not a breath of comedy or of exaggeration here. Two men and a women are linked by a failing business in a failing small town. They constitute a triangle. . . in geometry the most stable of figures but in human relations potentially the most volatile.

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