Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Upcoming: Works Progress Austin:Swanson, Lynn, Kenah, Larson at Salvage Vanguard, May 23

UPDATE: Plot summaries posted May 20 by Jeanne Claire van Ryzin in the Statesman's "Seeing Things" blog

From the SVT list server:

Works Progress Austin features a sneak peek at new works in progress

[ Saturday May 23 @ 8pm ]

Works Progress Austin is an annual development project that gives artists a playground to develop new works. Over the course of two weeks actors, writers, directors, filmmakers, dramaturgs, comedians, and musicians are given an opportunity to incubate and experiment. The two weeks culminate in a one-night-only performance of the works in progress featuring elements of three new plays. Inspired by Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration, WPA aims to put artists to work.

This year's public performances will include: "A Brief Narrative on the Extraordinary Birth of Rabbits" by C Denby Swanson; "The Collapse" by Kirk Lynn; "Guest by Courtesy" by Hannah Kenah and Jenny Larson; and "Guilds of Steel" from Gnap! Theater Projects. Tickets are $10 at the door.

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