Thursday, August 20, 2009

Upcoming: Chicks in the Church Quiz, stories by Bernadette Nason at Austin Playhouse, August 22 (only!)

In today's Austin Chronicle, Robert Faires announces a one-night-only presentation by master storyteller Bernadette Nason, in preparation for her participation at the National Storytelling Festival in October:

" . . . She's putting the festival piece at the end of an hour-long program that she insists is not storytelling for the elementary-school set. It's an Englishwoman's take on being a foreigner abroad with the more profound theme of seeking out new cultures in the search for self. Go support this fine actress as she reaches for the brass ring, and you may end up helping her write a new story, one with a very happy ending.

"Chicks at the Church Quiz takes place Saturday, Aug. 22, 8pm, at Austin Playhouse's Larry L. King Theatre, 3601 S. Congress."

(photo: Austin Chronicle)

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