Friday, December 17, 2010

Auditions: The Story Seekers, Exchange Artists at the Elizabeth Ney Museum

Received directly from Rachel Martsolf of the Exchange Artists:

Elizabeth NeyThe Exchange Artists are seeking actors for The Story Seekers: A Site Specific Production on the Grounds of The Elisabet Ney Museum by Katherine Craft, directed by Rachel Wiese. The performance will transform the grounds of Hyde Park’s landmark castle into the setting of a fantastical, participatory drama, with actors leading the audience throughout the grounds as the story and the mysteries of the space unfold.

Synopsis A band of children live as prisoners in an alternate, unchanging world, trapped for as long as a domineering storyteller holds the endings to their tales in his book. Some of these characters are familiar: Lupe, who escapes La Llorona; Abini, the Yoruban miracle child; and Hans, who followed the Pied Piper out of Hamlin. But there are other children, from forgotten or untold stories, caught in the forest as well.

When a young girl, Bet, flees her comfortable castle-home after catching a glimpse of the future through a magic window, she finds herself ensnared in the storyteller’s world. And only then do the children find hope of escape – hope in the form of a gardener’s son, Bet’s best friend Gil.

Characters This production demands flexible, creative and collaborative actors who may also be able to sing, dance, fight, climb trees, play an instrument, and feel comfortable working on film. For auditions, please come warm and dressed to move. We will do cold reads from the script and some group work. Be prepared to stay for 30 minutes.

Dates Auditions are January 6 & 7 in the evening, and January 9 during the day. Rehearsals begin in February, Performances March 25 – April 10, 2011. An intense script development workshop is scheduled for January 22 and 23. Some filming will occur in January as well.

To schedule an audition email resume, headshot and desired audition day to Auditions will take place in Austin, TX.

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